Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Another piece to the soap opera my life has become. My grandma is in the hospital....again. My grandma and hospitals are like peanut butter and jelly. But this time is different from my understanding. My dad, who isn't close to 100% yet, is coming on Thursday to see her. She has pneumonia and my grandpa thinks she may have had a stroke. She's been having a problem with internal bleeding for awhile now. She gets transfusions often and I guess has become more fragile, she doesn't look much different to me. My aunt Cheryl won't let my grandma be home alone so there must be something to it.

My mom is worried about my dad, mainly because of the stress my grandma is causing him. My mom feels that my grandma is emotionally black mailing my dad. My grandma has always been a master of guilt trips. My dad is coming to see my grandma on Thursday but he still isn't feeling well and my mom is worried this going to set him back in his recovery.Traveling can be pretty stressful so it can't help him any but I am excited to see him. I'd rather see him with my grandma around because she cries a lot. My dad doesn't even feel like he can drive all the way to airport and he normally always drives everywhere.

I feel like the world is falling down around me sometimes. I just wish things were clearer, you know?

Its FREEZING in B's room! I need to go home and do laundry and clean my room today but I don't feel like. I did go to class today at least. I really need to clean my room though because B and I are gonna start trading off where we stay to help ease up on how much Slob hastes me. My bed isn't visible right now. Tomorrow and Thursday I need to do homework....yuck! Friday we are driving to the city to see my grandma and dad.

B ran into K yesterday. She apologized and stuff but I guess I'm not ready to forgive or forget. I still just can't get over how hurt my feelings are and how I was the one that treated so poorly when I didn't do anything. Not mention the fact that they still haven't talked to me. T won't even look at me. So, "sorry" and "everything is cool" doesn't really seem like they mean it. Is it just me?

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